First Anniversary

Today it is exactly one year ago that I wrote the first line of code for the new incarnation of Particracy!

Some statistics on the size of the project as of today:

Back-end source files (Java)

Back-end source lines (Java)

Front-end source files (Java)

Front-end source lines (Typescript)

Front-end templates lines (HTML)

Database tables

Implemented features

478 / 772

Those 772 features are the ones I’ve fully listed and explored right now, I anticipate to add at least another 200 by the release, so that final number of functional requirements would be around 1000. About 50 features are continuously in a state of “busy”, meaning they’re partly implemented.


Wouter Lievens

I'm the designer and developer of Particracy, an online political strategy game. I came up with the first incarnation of the game, now called Particracy Classic, in 2005. After several attempted sequel or remake projects over the years, I've finally committed to building the ultimate version of Particracy, and I'm going at it full time to make it happen.


2 thoughts on “First Anniversary

  1. Hi there, keep up the good work, looking forward to the game being released. When do you expect to release the game?

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