Welcome to the Particracy Dev Blog!

Welcome to the Particracy Blog!

Particracy is the title of an online strategy game I’m building. It’s a (geo)political simulation game, where players act out the role of political parties in a fictional game world. Parties gain seats in elections and vote on bills, thus defining their ideological stance. Coalitions can be formed to run governments, and policy can be enacted to change the course of nations.

Politics is a fascinating game, because politics is government. It is the art of government.Harry S. Truman

This isn’t the first incarnation of this idea, as twelve years ago I first built a game called¬†Particracy Classic¬†(and please forgive its dated look), and worked on unreleased half-finished sequel projects in the years after. For this project, however, my plans are far more ambitious, and this time I’m getting it right. Players will be able to influence economies, manage individual politicians’ careers, enact embargoes against adversarial nations, balance budgets, form continent-spanning alliances, and wage war.

This project is serious business for me, as I’m committing to working on it full time starting October 2017: building this game will be my day job, and it better succeed or I won’t be able to pay the bills.

On this blog, I intend to inform readers of what I’m working on, of the challenges I meet and the interesting features that are planned for the new incarnation of this game. Hopefully this blog will be of interest, to players of the classic game as well as a new generation of gamers and politics enthousiasts.


Wouter Lievens

I'm the designer and developer of Particracy, an online political strategy game. I came up with the first incarnation of the game, now called Particracy Classic, in 2005. After several attempted sequel or remake projects over the years, I've finally committed to building the ultimate version of Particracy, and I'm going at it full time to make it happen.


7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Particracy Dev Blog!

  1. hi, hope you are doing fine. I have two question, will the game be completely free and will there be such things as referendums?

  2. Hi, very excited to see the game move on and become more advanced and in-depth. How often will you be posting updates on your progress? and will this project be a new game, website entirely or will you update the current game?

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